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Latest News: Service Costs Reduced

The IET Code of Practice 4th Edition (November 2012) recommends a reduced frequency of inspection and testing of many equipment types. These can be seen on our "FAQs Page" under "How often does it need Testing/Frequency of Testing.

The application of this recommendation is passed by LinPAT to our customers, thus reducing costs for electrical safety testing.

。We do not charge VAT.

。We charge on a price per item tested basis - this is determined by quantity of items

    for test.

。If the following additional services are necessary, these are also included in the test


Plugtop replacement -                          Free

Fuse replacement -                               Free

Re-wire existing plug -                          Free

Re-test following repair -                      Free

                       Our Prices include the provision of a folder containing:

                       。A detailed printed asset list of equipment tested.

                       。Asset database and test reports on CD ROM or PDF file, with viewing

                           only version of PATGuard 3.

                       。A complete log of all equipment tested with location and

                           predetermined re-test date.

                       。Workplace certificate of compliance.

Created by Rob Dummer